Monday, August 13, 2012

New Day's Prayer Ministry Has A New Home!

    Welcome to New Day's Prayer Ministry. To all of you who have continued to use the prayer ministry over the years we thank you for coming back today to share your prayer request and pray for others! 

    If you are coming here for the first time, thank you for joining us! We hope this prayer ministry will be a blessing to you for years to come.

    As those of you who have been with us over the years know we have had trouble with a spammer overflowing our message board with spam. We have tried several ways to keep this spam out but to no avail, eventually they do find us again. This struggle with the spammers is what has led up to this new direction for our prayer ministry. We will now be able to moderate the spam out of our prayer ministry all together making this once again a place for those who are serious about lifting one another up in prayer without undue distractions. From now on instead of completing the prayer form as you used to do you will simply use the comment section below to share your requests. 

   We hope that you will enjoy this new format. It does offer us many new features. One new feature that we will now be able to enjoy is the ability to "subscribe". By subscribing you will be able to have the prayer request sent to you directly to your email as they come in. You can now also respond directly to the prayer request of others or update the status of the prayer requests you have shared by clicking on"Reply" under the post you would like to update.

 To add your prayer request simply start typing it in the box below.  

God Bless,
David Ingram
New Day Christian Ministry
Isa. 43:18-21


  1. May God Bless all those who will join us as we pray for one another.

  2. The following prayer requests came to us today from Simon Ntahobali one of the NDCM leaders in Nairobi:

    "Beloved servants of God,I also greet you in the name of Jesus,how are you? We are also fine.I thank God to have gotten your email several times.I then apologies for not writing,there was a problem due to the absence of meeting place because we were chased out of where we were,the instruments and everything were taken and we have not been able to settle.We were in one village called Buruburu here Nairobi that's why paying the house rent because a problem. You should please remember us in prayer. We are looking another place, but before we start, I plan to hold an urgent meeting within a week.I pleading that you should pray for us,we are ready to send a report every month as required. I am now going to look for David so that we talk. Finally, I thank you so much and I have seen that you love and pray for us.I am sending a picture for use before we were taken out of the previous place,but we still meet in my small house,pray together and also pray for New Day Ministry.Read 1st Timothy 4:14 and Col 4:2-4.Thank you so much."

    Please remember these brothers and sisters in the Lord as you pray.

  3. The following prayer requests came to us last Night from Sara:
    Prayers needed for my sister's husband. His name is Dewayne Seay. He is 29 years old and just found out that his mouth cancer is back. He will be going to Vanderbilt on November 26 for treatment plan, tests and consultation. Please remember him, his wife and two small children as they walk this long journey again. Please forward to anyone you know who will commit them to prayer and please add him to your church's prayer list. It is truly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  4. Please pray that my brother Bruce's upcoming surgery will NOT reveal any cancer. Thanks and God bless. Love and prayers, Johnny